Natural Night Vision

If we didn't have two eyes, we'd be in big trouble because this overlapped vision helps compensate for the natural blind spots in each human eye. Blind spots? Absolutely. In daytime it's easy to find the blind side in your \nsion. Look at our special black illustration below and cover your right eye while focusing your left eye on the X. Now, move the book back and forth. At about 18 inches, the crawling silhouette disappears because there's a spot inside your eye receptors that lacks light-sensitive cells.

This is called your "day blind spot," but your night vision also suffers because the eye's most sensitive area is out of line with your normal field of view. When you look directly at something in the dark, you will not see it as well as when you look slightly to its left. This is called left-of-center vision, which is shown on page 524. By focusing about 5 to 10 degrees left of a spot, your eyes will sec what's there more clearly.

I thought this technique was fairly well known; however, a few years ago I was discussing night operations with a friend, a retired CIA paramilitary operations officer, and it was all new to him. But

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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