Night Camouflage

Among current U.S. military uniforms, I think the most effective night camouflage is provided by the Marine Corps' dark shade digital pattern. After that, the classic woodland pattern found on Army BDUs is efficient, as is the computer-generated checkered black-and-green desert night pattern developed a decade ago.

Gray is a decent night color, especially for police who may have to "blend" in among civilians during an infiltration. But gray reflects light somewhat and can be silhouetted.

Black BDUs are worn by many police tac teams, but at night they define the wearer by silhouetting him. This isn't a problem if its really dark, but by the time it's this dark, almost any color or pattern would work.

Probably the best solid night color is olive drab—called "loden" by yuppies—bccause it's less distinct than black and absorbs most of the light that strikes it.

A full-fledged Ghillie suit is not really needed at night. You can make yourself sufficiently invisible with just a head-and-shoulders sniper cape that breaks up your outline as you walk and that you can drape across yourself while prone.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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