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There's a tendency for snipers to overextend themselves in the darkness; that is, to occupy a hide that may be excellent for night engagements but becomes extremely dangerous by daylight.

Evaluate your night hide in this respect, and be ready to relocate well before dawn into thicker, safer cover. An excellent temporary night hide would be in a ditch or creek bed from which the sniper can take a shot then withdraw without having even once exposed himself directly to small-arms fire.

And when it comes to overextending yourself, don't operate your hide both day and night or you'll wear yourself out. You should either sleep during the day and shoot at night, or shoot in daytime and rest at night—unless there's some kind of actual or likely enemy activity that's worth losing sleep to observe, or your orders specifically require day and night surveillance. Otherwise, remember: a fatigued sniper makes dumb, deadly mistakes.

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