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A police sniper, too, must be concerned about remaining invisible during night movement, especially in rural areas while reconning a suspected clandestine drug lab or surveilling a remote airfield, for instance.

NIGHT CAMOUFLAGE PATTERNS (L-R): woodland, black, olive drab, desert night, and gray. (Photo credit: Roger Kennedy)

Sniper Movement

probably 10 times harder to spot than a moving one. At very close range, of course, run for cover. But in either situation, be sure to protect your shooting eye's night vision by closing it when light suddenly appears.

If you have any advance warning—such as hearing a mortar fire an illumination round or seeing approaching headlights—get into thicker cover and get down. And don't lift your face into the light.

You could have a spotlight intently searching for you, with no alternative but to extinguish it with rifle fire. Aim for its center, and use your "weak" eye so you're still capable of firing in low light after it's been shot out. Fight smart.

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