Objective Lens Size

Think of that front objective lens as a funnel, a gatherer of light; within reason, the bigger it is, the better for long-range shooting. And this is especially useful in the reduced light of night or in the shadows of a jungle's heavy canopy.

Furthermore, the higher the scope's magnification, the larger the objective lens must be in order to have sufficient light for most shooting situations. As is covered elaborately in the section on optics, the exit pupil of any optical device, including a rifle scope, ideally should be between 5mm and 7mm, so the cone of light projected from its

Sniphrscoim; Basics 81

rear coincides with the diameter of your eye's pupil at low light. The exit pupil is computed by dividing the objective diameter by the scope's magnification. Thus a 40mm objective with 9x has a 4.4 exit pupil.

As a minimum, a sniperscope probably should have a 40mm objective lens. A maximum diameter of 56mm, found on several quality European scopes, may be more than you need, but it's still quite acceptable. The latest Zeiss ,50-caliber scope features an enormous 72mm objective lens.

Don't become overly impressed by a scope purely because of an enormous objective lens, though. As you'll see later, you should be more concerned with lens quality than lens size. Some cheap scope manufacturers deviously attach oversize objective ienses on otherwise average scopes, knowing that only about 60 percent of that wide image is actually being transmitted. Don't buy "bargain" scopes!

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