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As illustrated, each motorized rifle, airborne, and air assault platoon in the Soviet army was authorized one SVD-equipped sniper, who's found in the First Squad. It's this same First Squad where the platoon leader is assigned, meaning the sniper purposely has been kept near him for instant directions so the sniper can quickly support platoon operations.

Interestingly, the platoon's shoulder-fired SA-7 antiaircraft missileman, the other platoon-level special weapon, is in another vehicle, meaning that the "wise men" who determine the Red Army's organization think it's more important to have the sniper rather than the SAM close to the platoon's senior leader.

CAMOUFLAGE SCREEN. Fashioned from wire and burlap, rt folds up like a fan for compact carry.

SOVIET SNIPER'S POSITION. Note the parapet protecting his front while he fires to the oblique.

obliquely, as shown, making it more difficult to detect and engage him.

But unlike Western snipers, the Soviet sniper seems to spend his entire time with his unit right in its position. He is not a member of a sniper team, lacking a trained spotter for independent operations. It seems that his superiors are too rigid to allow the kind of snoop-and-poop-and-shoot missions fre-quendy done by Western snipers.

This rigidity, I should warn, only applies in peacetime. Never forget that necessity dictates in war and that all doctrine and tactics are subject to change once the bullets start flying. During World War II, Soviet snipers were organized into two-man teams and independent platoons; in Afghanistan, mujahideen riflemen became such a bloody menace that Soviet airborne units issued triple the normal number of SVD rifles, and some companies created special antisnipcr squads of three to five SVD riflemen.

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