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COMMON BULL'S-EYE: The humblest of targets snipers use, it's employed for about half of all live-fire practice. A sniper warms up on the bull's-eye target, then goes on to other types for shooting drills.

DIAMOND BULL'S-EYE: This is best for zeroing a rifle because it allows precise alignment of crosshairs at the diamond tips. It can also be used for practice fire.

DARK SILHOUETTE: Lacking any features, this could be a military Type D or an IPSC Official Practice Target. Dress it up and add a reactive feature at the intended point of impact (e.g., tape a clay pigeon or 3 MOA balloon on its chest). Glue a Xerox face on its head.

DETAILED SILHOUETTE: This could be a Duelatron or Realistic target, which contains complete human features. These are ready to use except for a designated point of impact, which you just draw on or add a small reactive subtarget.

DAZZLE: To challenge sniper competitors at international matches, I devised a special kind of target I called the "dazzle." The concept was drawn from the weird camouflage schemes painted on World War I ships, with lots of bizarre lines and shapes, intended to confuse a U-boat commander's range estimate through a periscope. We're showing one that has a jumble of triangles in a sea of black dots, but as the sniper is

Sniper Paper Targets

Realistic targets must challenge snipers. These full-size faces demand correct facial ID before engagement.

Variety keeps shooting interesting, especially with reactive targets instructed, only one triangle is his target. Furthermore, he may not fire until commanded, which may occur any time in the next 30 minutes, but he must engage within 5 seconds of the command. It's intended to visually and mentally challenge in addition to being a marksmanship challenge. You can make your own just by mounting a strange array of 1-inch black pasters on a target or any number of things.

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