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sporting rifle designer, Yevgeniy Dragunov, and carries his name in its official nomenclature, "Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova" (Dragunov Sniper Rifle).

Mr. Dragunov crafted the SVD along the lines of a sporting rifle, yielding a graceful but deadly appearance that added to its mystique. Using molded fiberglass in its hollowed, one-piece butt and pistol grip, this was the first Russian weapon to employ such high-tech materials now commonly found in AKs and PK machine guns.

While externally resembling the AK family of weapons, the SVD uses a markedly different action. Since its cartridge is much longer than AK rounds, Dragunov determined that a long-stroke bolt would travel so far during recoil that its rearward shifting momentum would push the shooter completely off target. To alleviate this, he created a short-stroke bolt akin to American Ml and M14 rifles, which use an intervening piston and carrier to reduce bolt travel. The result was a smoother, shorter recoil for improved shooting, but as a result, few parts were interchangeable with AK rifles and PK machine guns.

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PSO-1 range finder tells your range to a 5'6" man by placing the scale over his standing figure.

Numerals are hundreds of meters.

400 to 500 meters, putting it on a par with the American AN/PVS-4.

Like the SVD rifle it tops, the PSO-1 scope is an adequate but not fabulous device. The glass is of moderate quality, and I saw no tinted reflection from the objective lens—implying there is none or very minimal lens coating. With a magnification of just 4x, it becomes difficult to see a man beyond about 600 yards.

For overall workmanship and design, I'd rate the PSO-1 as comparable to the Korean War-era U.S. MS4 scope, but it is so far below that of modem Western rifle scopes that any comparison becomes ridiculous.

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