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This section is purposely brief, not because there isn't much to learn about law enforcement sniping operations, but because I cannot disclose much here without placing both law officers and possible hostages in jeopardy. Some bad guys can afford the price of this book, so I'd just as soon keep them guessing as to how exacdy a police tac team would handle them.

These details will be disseminated at a future point when I'm assured a confidential supplement to this manuscript can be kept out of hostile hands. It's the least I can do for the many police and special operations snipers who've shared their tricks of the trade and SOPs with me.

But by listing these specific missions, and emphasizing that there's at least as much sophistication to chem as to military operations, it will encourage police snipers to analyze their roles with new insights. Keep in mind that each of the following major missions has beneath it a host of subtasks and special skills and considerations.

One question I've encountered several times from law enforcement snipers is, "How many snipers should be targeted against a suspect?" I once flippantly replied, "Ideally, 1,238." After the student chuckled, I made my real point: as many snipers as you can conceal zuilhin range of the suspecu taking into account available cover and concealment and backstop, if that's an issue. In an ideal setting, such as an open-air option, I'd suggest four sniper teams, one for each primary direction to boost the odds of a clear shot, and have at least one more sniper ready for a follow-up shot if required.

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