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Law enforcement sniper teams are one component of a larger tactical unit, sometimes referred to as SWAT. Just as is true for the military, police tactical units are configured into distinct elements grouped together according to function, then mixed and matched—or "tailored"—to conduct any specific operation,

Along with two-man sniper teams, a typical police tactical unit includes the following elements: COMMAND AND CONTROL: Normally, tac unit leaders are not heavily involved on-site during operations because they're quickly accomplished and the unit withdrawn. In most cases, leaders plan and let the subelements execute. It's only during protracted situations—such as a hostage taking—that a command post is operated on-site and the command and control element is fully utilized.

ENTRY TEAMS: Composed of four to six well-armed officers, an entry team specializes in dynamically entering a structure, quickly clearing it, retrieving hostages, and neutralizing or arresting suspects. Because these officers best understand the demands of an entry, they usually are deployed as the inner-perimeter force as well.

GAS TEAMS: The efficient employment of

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