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Some real camouflage breakthroughs have come from private-sec tor developments, which have fielded an incredible array of patterns.

Real Tree Camo Painting Sniper Rifle

Mesh Pullover Suits

Perhaps the handiest pieces of police sniper camouflage are the mesh pullover suits made in Realtree brown or gray. These can be compressed into a beer-mug-sized space for convenient storage and be donned in less than a minute. Further, its mesh allows good ventilation in summer.

These mesh suits won't hold up as long as regular-weight camo suits, but the cost is so reasonable and the benefits so obvious that long-term wear is an irrelevant concern.


Probably the part of a sniper's body most readily detected is the head bccause it contains his primary sensors—his eyes—and snipers often must lift or turn their heads to see. Improper camouflage only amplifies this problem.

There's so much "bad poop" floating around about facial camouflage and headgear that it's scary. Hopefully we'll put some of this misinformation to rest.

Sniper Training
ABSTRACT PATTERNS. (L-R) Treeline, painted jungle fatigues, and plain gray.
Asat Face Mask

The civilian ASAT pattern is very effective, especially at medium and long distances.

None of this headgear works well for sniping since all create a distinct head-size silhouette.

way today or acquire commercial sniper veils. The best veil I've seen was cut from a piece of heavy Treebark netting I bought in a fabric store for about 82.

But a problem common to all these veils is that they limit your peripheral vision and add a confusing netted layer between your eyre and your scope. Therefore, my inclination is toward Spandoflage, the stretchable head masks. Introduced to me by an old friend, the St. Paul Police Department's rifle instructor, Sgt. Darryl Schmidt, these Spandoflage head masks come in five different patterns compatible to nearly any season or camouflage coloration. Due to its elasticity, be careful to snip only about 1/4 inch when cutting eyeholes. Spandoflage still isn't as effective as correctly applied camouflage paste; it's just fast to put on. (More on camo paste below.)

A black Nomex hood or balaclava is popular in some police tactical teams and military Special Operations units. While there's no question it's sexy, let's face it: this solid, distinct


BEST HEAD COVERING. The irregular shape and bill and the anchor points for attaching camo make the jungle hat the best sniper headgear. It works ideally with a Spandoflage headnet.


VEILS. Spandoflage (L) allows unobscured viewing through a rifle scope, which the author thinks makes it superior to veils, such as the one at right.

hood highlights you as nicely as a target's black bull's-eye. I wish Hollywood could convince low-lifes and terrorists to always wear black hoods; it would make our shot placement so much easier.

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