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Several varieties of rubber and sponge recoil pads are available either to be worn over other clothing or as a fixed feature of jackets and even T-shirts. The PAST company has a wide line of recoil pads and clothing.

We have also had students glue foam sponges inside their Ghillie suit shoulders and cover them with rubber or Naugahyde. This works, too.

But again, you must ensure that if you use a recoil pad in practice, you will use it during real operations. If you don't, you will find that your eye relief and spotweld will have changed, hardly the thing you want to discover when "taking the shot."

I once borrowed a dozen M24 Sniper Weapon Systems from a military unit so we'd have enough on hand for our students. While these were cheerfully provided, I chuckled to hear that some unit snipers had grumbled, "There go our zeros."

It was humorous because these novice riflemen mistakenly saw their zeros as permanent, one-time, unchangeable adjustments. I don't think your zero is an airplane altimeter and needs tuning for each use, but it does require regular verification and adjustment, as cited in the the sidebar on page 195. Further, you should be so familiar with your scope and its adjustments that zeroing is an ordinal, easily accomplished task.

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