Russias New Sniper Rifle

As many sniping authorities—including me—

The SV-98's porro-prism scope increases magnification to 7x, but it's still not as powerful as most Western sniper scopes. (Photo credit: Valery Shilin Guns Club)

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Russia's SV-98 bolt action replaces the SVD rifle. Though it resembles the AW, it is of entirely different design. (Photo credit; Valeiy Shilin Guns Club)

forecast more than a decade ago, Russia finally replaced its SVD semiauto sniper rifle with a modem design bolt action, capable of accuracy on a par with Western sniper rifles. Though Russia no longer is an avowed enemy of the West, its sniper rifles have such a long record of ending up in the hands of actual and potential enemies chat it's worth examining in a countersniper context.

The Russian SV-98 suspiciously resembles the Accuracy International AW in both stock profile and its action's squared-off shape, but it differs in too many ways to conclude that it's a reverse-engineered copy of that fine weapon. Like the AW, the SV-98

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