Scope Maintenance

Unlike your rifle, your scope is relatively maintenance free. You should never disassemble it, so the cleaning and oiling requirements concern only external surfaces.

To fully appreciate the care needed when cleaning lenses, think of it not as a scope but as an expensive camera. Except for field emergencies, use only quality lens paper and camera lens cleaning liquids on lenses. When you use ordinary window cleaner and toilet tissue, you will gently reduce metallic fluoride coatings through abrasive action. I have seen scope lenses wiped free of any coating due to "diligent" cleaning by a proud rifleman.

Before wiping the lens with lens paper, carefully blow any grit or sand off it. Its best to use a small rubber squeegee brush to do this> but breathing on it is okay if you wait until any vapor evaporates before wiping. Substitute cleaners could be acetone, pure alcohol, or even clean water. In a pinch you could use good quality facial tissue, but don't make a habit of it.

I keep lens paper in a plastic bag in my rifle hardcase and a bottle of lens cleaner in my ditty bag. In combat I would carry both to the field.

Even handier is the LensPen. This pen-sized lens cleaning kit contains a soft, retraccable brush on one end and a chamois buffer impregnated with lens cleaning compound on the other. Just brush away any dust or grit, then polish the lens with the buffer. It's compact and works great.

The scope's metal outer surfaces can be kept rust free with a thin coat of any firearm-quality oil. Do noi use solvent-type clcaners such as

This polarizing filter allows a sniper to see through glaring windows.

Protect your lenses! Clean with special flannel cloth, lens paper, lens liquid cleaner, and the handy LensPen.

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