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Start by examining several .50 calibers; the typical infantry battalion has six to 10 Brownings, so look at each of these.

More than anything else, find a traversing and elevating (T&E) mechanism that fits smoothly on a tripod's traversing bar, with crisp, well-defined clicks of elevation and windage. Here's where you'll get much of your consistency.

Next, pay close heed to how straight and true the bolt face is machined. Place a dummy round on the face to see how firmly and straight it's held; see if the round binds against the chamber or loads straight and smooth.

Following exact procedures from FM 23-56, adjust each gun's timing and headspace and record the precise rotations you used so you can reset the gun exacdy the same each time you use it.

Now you're ready for test-fixing.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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