Shooter Consistency

The habits you develop in practice—which I call a shooter's "stvle"—must be the same on a

Use a beanbag (a sock filled with sand) to raise or tower the rifle butt with your nonshooting hand for steady, micro meter-1 ike adjustments.

range when punching paper as it is when you're on a rooftop plugging bad guys.

Let's start with your scope picture. You should see your full field of view, with no distortion on the edges. The relationship between proper field of view and eye relief, parallax, and maximum exit pupil is cited in detail elsewhere. Repetition of a good scope picture in practice and in action can only lead to consistent results.

Leaving the nonshooting eye open during firing has pros and cons, as does closing it. But whichever of these you choose, do it consistently day and night, with available light or artificial illumination, during offensive or defensive firing exercises.

A spotweld, by definition, is the consistent placing of your cheek on the rifle butt, which is a major contribution to correct eye relief, field of view, and so on, as cited earlier.

All the factors that contribute to the integrated act of shooting—trigger control, aiming, breathing, body position, and follow-through—must be done not just correctly but consistently as well. If you cock back one leg to reduce pressure on your chest for easier breathing, then you must do this for every prone shot.

Combining equipment consistency, then, with a consistent shooting style inevitably results in great accuracy and a sensitizing to even tiny variances. When you have become so confident of your shooting that, for instance, you consciously plan on slight compensation for a 15-degree uphill angle, or a mere 3 mph oblique wind, you will have become a truly crack shot.

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