Shooting into the Wind

To shoot accurately into a wind, compensate by holding or aiming in the direction the wind is coming from. This is shown in the illustration on this page. As the bullet travels downrange, it drifts into your target. In order for this to work, however, you must know exactly how far to compensate.

We've prepared detailed ballistic tables at the end of this chapter that show the wind drift for the most popular military and police sniping loads, to include:




Wind compensation requires holding into the wind, letting it drift your bullet into the target.

Although several wind speeds are listed, the most important, I think, is 10 mph because, once memorized, it's easiest to compute in your head. Just about anything can be divided or multiplied when j^ou start with a factor of 10.

Looking at the tables, note that compensation doubles as wind speed doubles. This means that the necessary compensation for a 20 mph wind is twice that of a 10 mph wind, and 5 mph is half that of 10 mph. But the differences in distances are not proportional: compensation for 600 yards is much more than twice that of 300 yards. This is because the farther the bullet goes, the more it slows down and the worse the effect becomes. In a way, this is similar to how a bullet starts to plunge at long range, when its path becomes a sharp arc.

But now, at last, we're ready to bring together ballistic data and wind values and compensation. It's really quite simple.

First, determine the direction of the wind in respect to a line between you and your target. For sake of illustration, let's say it's 90 degrees,

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