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Since snipers rarely can carry along sandbags to the field, the next best support they have is a bipod, which is second only to sandbags for providing steadiness and stability.

Turn this knurled knob to adjust pivot tension on a Harris L Series bipod.

More than any other accessory, the bipod's ability to raise and hold a rifle above the ground has helped long-range riflemen improve their shooting performance. Mind you, a bipod will not make up for poor marksmanship—it's simply another means of supporting your rifle. All the techniques for precision shooting—from breathing to trigger control to follow-through— must be meticulously applied while shooting with a bipod just as with any other kind of shooting support.

While under way, many a sniper stows the bipod in his rucksack to reduce his rifle's weight and lessen the chance of the folded legs getting hung up on something. However, if there's a chance of hostile contact and the bipod would be needed immediately, it's better to keep it mounted. When zero-firing on sandbags or otherwise firing off a solid support, remove the bipod since its folded frame won't stabilize your rifle as steadily as the bare forearm.

While using a bipod, the most important thing to keep in mind is the subtle way it can cause you to cant your rifle, tipping it slightly right or left and thus causing you to dump your rounds right or left at your target. Try to place the legs on a firm surface or anchor them deeply in soft soil so they don't shift or tip sideways.

Even if you begin firing with the bipod legs

1/10 of a second.« 35 pounds pushes backward for 3/10 of a second.

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