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Some sniper rifle stocks include a metal groove, called an Anschutz rail, beneath the forearm for positioning the bipod or installing a palm rest for offhand shooting. We put a simitar rail on the Choate stock, along with a bipod quick-releasc, but I don't really see the necessity for a palm rest on a sniper rifle.

Swivel studs, on the other hand, are absolutely essential, both to attach the sling and to mount some varieties of bipod. Some stocks even include an extra forearm swivel stud exclusively for a bipod.

Swivels of a width compatible with your sling—usually 1 1/4 inches—are a necessity, with quick-release swivels being the most practical.

The sling primarily is a stabilizer to improve offhand, sitting, and kneeling shooting, so the best style is a highly adjustable military type. I prefer leather, but nylon is suitable provided it can be adjusted for deliberate shooting, as explained in Chapter 7 on advanced sniper marksmanship.

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