A snap-shot is fired as quickly as you can throw your rifle to your shoulder, usually in self-defense against a relatively close target— perhaps 50 yards or less. That reduced distance demands a faster reaction time because a slow shot could well be no shot.

Your scope puts you at a close-range disadvantage against a hostile having open sights because your field of view, especially with lOx fixed magnification, can make target acquisition difficult—thus the need for practice.

If you have a variable scope, set it at its lowest power, both to expand the field of view and to increase the focal depth of your eye relief—which means you don't have to hold your eye exactly at the correct eye relief to see a full scope sight picture. To see what I mean, throw j'our rifle to your shoulder at lOx, then at 3.5x, and notice how much easier it is to acquire a target at the lower magnification.

As taught at Quantico and Ft. Benning, keep both eyes open and carry the rifle muzzle-low, butt-high. As you shift your eyes, track with your muzzle so that when a target suddenly appears the muzzle already is aligned with the line from your eye to the threat. When shouldering your rifle, don \ swing the muzzle— push ii toward the target, leaning your shoulder into it and even slightly pushing the butt forward. This stabilizes a barrel-heavy sniper rifle for the one-second window to take your shot. Forget about carefully aiming—it's faster and more instinctive to let the outline of the target guide you to its center and then break your shot.

Snap-shooting requires practice, but a lot of it can be developed through dry-firing.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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