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A sniper practices shooting to develop consistency. Keenly attentive, he looks for ways to introduce consistency into his every litde task because he knows that consistency equals accuracy and accuracy equals consistency. If his rifle is tuned for consistency, and with his every shot he uses the same scope sight picture, trigger pull, breathing, and body position—and a dozen other tinier subskills—the inevitable result will be accurate shooting.

To make the difference between "all right" shooting and superb performance, you must hone the skills and shooting techniques taught in this chapter. Whether you learned to shoot a rifle in the service or never fired one until joining your department's tactical team, you'll still benefit from what's covered here.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Deer hunting is an interesting thing that reminds you of those golden old ages of 19th centuries, where a handsome hunk well equipped with all hunting material rides on horse searching for his target animal either for the purpose of displaying his masculine powers or for enticing and wooing his lady love.

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