Sniper Rifle Barrel Lengths

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USMC M40A3 24.00"

M21/M25/M1A 22.00"

FNH/WinChester Sniper Rifles 24.00"

Remington 700 Police/PSS 24.00"

Steyr SSG Pll 26.00"

Mauser SR93 27.00"

Accuracy International AW 26.00"

Savage Model 10 LE 20, 24 26.00"

Sako TRG-22 26.00"

Ballistic tables normally reflect firing from a 24-inch barrel. For each inch your barrel varies from this, add or subtract 20 fps muzzle velocity. For 300 Winchester Magnum, however, add/subtract 25 fps.

for their excellent Pro-Series rifles. When I visited K&P Barrels in Raton, New Mexico, I learned that Ken Johnson, too, cuts his matchgrade barrels. Krieger Barrels also employs only cut rifling. These and a number of other barrel makers produce the highest quality match-grade barrels, with exacting tolerances of 0.0002 inch for the bore and grooves.

When manufacturing imperfections result in a barrel's less than match-grade performance, it can be improved by various coatings and treatments, the most popular being BlackStar. This process polishes the bore more thoroughly than lapping and—combined with cryo-treatment, which cools the barrel to -300°F—has been documented to improve accuracy, especially when firing moly-coated bullets. Working with K&P Barrels, BlackStar also offers cut-rifled barrels that incorporate this process.

Newer yet and very shooter-friendly is Smooth-Kote, an inexpensive, fast-drying bore treatment that molecularly bonds to metal, leaving a layer of molybdenum disulfide particles that smooth out and fill in imperfections. Smooth-Kote dramatically reduces fouling and has proven very popular among American snipers in the dusty environment of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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