Snipers in Support of River Crossings

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As with any other assault, snipers support a river crossing with fire rather than cross with the attacking troops. Snipers are especially well equipped for supporting river crossings due to the great reach of their rifles, which is much important enemy weapons such as the shoulder-fixed antiaircraft missile we've illustrated because it already knows their location.

But snipers also could mount an effective diversion or supporting attack alone by pinning enemy forces at another nearby objective. Or the team could position itself on the enemy's rear or flank to help isolate the objective and prevent its reinforcement or relief. Of course, these tasks require suitable hide locations.

And certainly snipers can support the main attack, which we've phased into three segments in the illustration above. First, the sniper team fires in support of assaulting troops, then it rushes forward to a suitable hasty hide, and finally it helps repel any enemy counterattacks.

During an advance, snipers occupy hasty hides, like this Iraqi ditch.

Trained Snipers Hiding

The Sniper Area Ambush for both conventional and counterguerrilla operations is the coordinated ambush of trails and roads across a large area by multiple sniper teams, a concept I've named ' wolfpack ing. A wolfpack consists of at least three or as many as nine sniper teams—a battalion s entire sniper platoon.

almost interlocking kill zones so the enemy will stumble into another sniper team s fire when it flees one team s ambush or

Why this wire is cut! A well-placed ambush, such as that of a wire

isn t where the earlier fire originated. Meanwhile, the original sniper ambush team is displacing to another hide or escaping scot-free.

area ambush leaves the enemy not just bloodied but confused as to what exactly happened and fearful that it could happen again. The key to a Wolfpack mission s success is stalking into hides without detecuon.

military sniping school was


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