Snipers Supporting an Air Assault

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A heliborne air assault should land friendly forces direcdy on or very near their objective, so close that they can rush to it on foot quicker than the enemy can reinforce it.

It's because the first lift of landing troops must be prepared to let loose with a wicked, massive fusillade of fire that snipers should not be on that lift; every aircraft seat, I think, is needed for machine guns and assault rifles. But the second lift certainly should include snipers, and their priority target would be enemy antiaircraft weapons crews until the landing's complete.

Sniper teams could be inserted clandestinely to overwatch positions prior to the main landing, but their presence at that point makes for very difficult coordination should it become necessary to place air or artillery strikes around the first lift.

When conducting independent operations, however, helicopters prove particularly suitable for inserting sniper teams.

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