Sniping in Winter

What distinguishes the winter environment are snow and cold; snow primarily affects movement, while cold affects the operation of equipment and condition of personnel. Beyond these fundamentals, realize that everything takes longer in winter— whether moving cross-country, cooking chow, or loading your rifle. Rifle maintenance and operation are much more critical because some lubricants thicken and even freeze at subzero temperatures. I can recall stories from Korea of GIs urinating on their frozen Mis to keep them operating. During World War II, German forces in Russia found that only sunflower oil remained liquid in bitter cold.

Once the temperature falls below +10°F, the U.S. Army adxises to lubricate the M24 sniper rifle with Lubricant Arctic Weapon (LAW) but only lightly. The dry molybdenum lubricant Smooth-Kote is even better than LAW in subzero cold since it cannot freeze or become gummy. If you don't have LAW or Smooth-Kote, I don't tliink you should use any lube in bitter cold—wipe the bolt and especially the lugs totally dry to keep the weapon from freezing shut.

A related problem is the weapon's "sweating" when you take it back and forth from a heated area to the outdoors, which may freeze your bolt, too.

Snipers HideSniper Workout ExercisesSniper Finger The Trigger

Chemical hand warmers and wool mitts help maintain trigger sensitivity.

however, is that you should heavily overdress while King motionless in your hide to retain body warmth. And you must keep your shooting hand warm or your trigger finger will lose its sensitivity.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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