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probably is better at estimating range and wind and evaluating targets.

Due to liability, police snipers do not rotate weapons—each should have a rifle assigned exclusively to himself. But police snipers must also rotate/rest/share or they won't be able to last during a protracted incident—and, face it, most incidents that eventually lead to a police sniper taking a shot are protracted ones.

Military units are configured according to mission, equipment, doctrine, and the terrain on which they'll fight, balanced against flexibility and simplicity to keep the unit controllable. These factors are as applicable to a sniper unit organization as for an armor division. And from these factors have evolved two basic concepts for organizing sniper elements: consolidation and decentralization.

The sniper structure most frequently found in U.S. military organizations is a consolidated one, with snipers in their own battalion-level platoon that operates directly under the S2 Intelligence Officer or S3 Operations Officer. As the chart shows, this is the sniper configuration found in U.S. Marine Corps units as well as in U.S. Army Light Infantry Divisions. In most organizations using this arrangement, the snipers also serve as battalion scouts, a good matching of skills and missions. In fact, the USMC officially calls these men "Scout-Snipers," assigned to a Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) placoon.

The benefits of a consolidated sniper platoon are many. First, they can train together and focus their efforts on sniping, under the control of platoon-level leaders who appreciate and support their needs. Second, since they're a battalion-level asset, their role is considered and integrated in every battalion operation.

Consolidation affords great flexibility in combat, allowing the battalion sniper employment officer to concentrate or disperse the snipers to fit the situation and the mission. For instance, all snipers can be focused along one enemy avenue of approach, massed within one company's area if the terrain best suits sniping, or split evenly, with three sniper teams attached to each company or one team for each line platoon. They also can run independent, battalion-controlled operations.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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