Target Indicators

Once spotted, you home-in on an indicator, with both sniper team members intensely surveilling that spot until you've found the target that generated the indicator. Again, program your mind to watch for grapefruit-size pieces of the enemy.

Indicators are evidence of the enemy's presence, which we've categorized according to the distinct ways they'll appear on the battlefield. These target indicators, as illustrated, include shine, movement, tactical sign, sound, smell, shape, contrast, and human sign.


Shine could be the reflection of sunlight off an optical device or, more frequently, the glistening of rain on a poncho or piece of equipment. Like shadows, shine is most prominent in the early morning or late afternoon

You're looking for visible signs of how the enemy has modified the environment to facilitate his presence—things as simple as an open window on a cool or rainy day or as pronounced as a loophole cut into a wall. Other tactical signs could include exposed earth or berms from digging, stacked logs, sandbags, fire lanes cut through brush to improve sectors of fire, and commo wire strung through trees.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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