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A sniper exploits the best hide position from which he can place fire into his target or assigned sector of fire. It could include a bunker with overhead cover (upper left), using a rucksack for support. Or he could take cover under a vehicle, keeping the engine block above him and a wheel before him, staying in shadow, and not extending his muzzle beyond cover (upper right}. He could choose a tree hide (center), but this isn't usually his first choice since wind will sway it, he cannot displace quickly down the trunk, nor is there protection from small-arms fire —not to mention separation from his spotter. In the lower right, he has placed his hide just beyond a ridge finger—a truly excellent site because he has protection and can take a shot, then pull back and displace safely behind the ridge. The bottom hide has a log for frontal protection (but he's careful not to let anything touch his barrel), and he has scraped the earth to a depth of 18 inches for even better cover.

Sniper Afghanistan TrgGun Sniper
This permanent Israeli sniper post overlooks a hot spot of terrorist activity in Jenin.
Urban Sniper HidesSniper Camouflage Urban Terrain
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The dummy hide.

Urban Sniper Hides
Sometimes an FFP offers observation far beyond a rifle's maximum range, like this position in eastern Afghanistan

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