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armor-piercing/incendiary/tracer having a slightJy faster velocity than the BS-41 load but less accuracy due to the inconsistency of its tracer burn. The other Soviet load, the Type ZP incendiary/tracer, too, lacks the accuracy of the BS-41. None of these bullets are boat-tail, nor are there any commercial bullets or loaded cartridges for the 14.5mm.

The Chinese manufacture 14.5mm loads similar to the Soviet BS-41 and BZT cartridges, while several other countries also make this round, including North Korea and Syria.

None of these loads are of sufficient quality to be called truly sniper grade, but when fired through decent rifles outfitted with good optics, you could cxpeci enough accuracy to hit selected enemy positions at well over 1,000 yards and with sufficient energy to penetrate concrcte and sandbag walls that would stop lesser bullets.

This field of antimateriel rifles has in recent years grown to include several 20mm guns. Though, like the 14.5mm rifles, they cannot offer the pinpoint precision of a sniper rifle, these weapons still offer considerable damage to materiel targets, with superior terminal performance because they can fire fused, exploding projectiles. The Croatian RT-20 saw service in that region's recent civil conflicts, while two designs have come out of South Africa, the NTW-20 and Aerotex 20x82mm. None of these designs has seen much use beyond Lheir respective countries.

The Barrett 25x59mm Payload antimateriel, semiautomatic rifle is an entirely different matter. Employing a round originally intended for the next-generation Objective Crew Served Weapon, this development was thrust on Barrett to get a usable 25mm rifle fielded to U.S. Special Ops forces as quickly as possible. When this projectilc matures, it will include advanced proximity and delayed fusing to allow rounds to detonate above a target or penetrate various barriers in sophisticated ways,

To accommodate the bulkier cartridge and its higher recoil, Barrett has completely redesigned its semiauro's upper receiver, although the lower remains similar enough for interoperability with .50-caliber rifles. Though not a sniper-quality weapon, the Barren Payload rifle will offer better precision, greater range, and more effective terminal effects than any grenade launcher. And, of great value to a country at war, due to a tremendous effort by Ronnie Barrett and his employees, die Payload rifle will be in the hands of soldiers and marines much faster than the Objective Crew Served Weapon that may eventually replace it by 2010 or so.

Black Hills is the only U.S. loader of .338 Lapua Magnum ammo, in 250- and 300-grain loads.

The excellent Sako TRG-42, chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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