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One bullet is not the same as the next. This is the simple statement with which I begin ballistics classes because it is critical that a sniper acquire an appreciation for even slight differences in bullet performance.

Consider the data in the chart, "Bullets Are Not the Same." Say we're hunting mule deer in Wyoming, and you suddenly discover you've misplaced your .30-06 ammunition. Luckily, I also have a .30-06, so you ask to borrow a few rounds. "For sure." Since you're a more attuned shooter than the next rifleman and know that you've zeroed your scope with 150-grain bullets, you ask if my ammo, too, has 150-grain bullets. Again I reply, "For sure." Great!

But wait. Despite even the same bullet weight, there's a tremendous variation in the performance of different bullet types, different powders, and different loads. Indeed, looking at the box you'll see some bullets with a 50-percent greater kinetic energy at 500 yards, an extreme trajectory difference of 13.6 inches at 500 yards, dramatically different wind drift, and so on.

And these all are .30-06, 150-grain rounds. Think of how much more inconsistent things could become if these bullets were of different weights.

My point: the first step in achieving con-

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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