Trigger Control

As you should realize by now, trigger control is an important component of this integrated act of exact shooting. But trigger control is

Make a practice of holding your thumb along the stock to avoid shifting the rifle.

especially important because, more so than any other factor, an improper trigger pull will lead to inaccuracy or complete misses.

Simply put, correct trigger control is the ability to release the firing pin without imparting any movement to the rifle. All trigger pull problems are caused by flinching or jerking the trigger, which usually results from anticipating the instant of firing—reacting from the shock of recoil even before any recoil is felt. The shooter has found the dreaded blast and push of recoil so painful that he unconsciously jerks his finger when he thinks the rifle's about to fire.

To overcome this, conventional infantrymen are taught to become oblivious to trigger release and be surprised by the instant of firing. This technique may work for ordinary riflemen firing assault rifles having a trigger pull of 6 to 10 pounds, but it will never do for snipers.

Quite the contrary, a sniper sensitizes himself to the feel of his trigger and learns to know when it will fire so he can consciously plan that instant of shot release. Indeed, the ability to fire at a predetermined split second is the essence of hostage-rescue shooting.

Beyond mastering dry-fire, a sniper also learns to handle recoil so well that it's not a cause of discomfort and doesn't inspire jerking. The best way to absorb recoil painlessly is by properly seating the rifle in your shoulder, although we have included an entire section later in this chapter on reducing felt recoil.

Most American bolt-action sniper rifles have single-stage triggers offering a constant, consistent resistance, suggesting that you fire it with a steady pull. Some European bolt guns, such as the Accuracy International AW and Sako TRG-22, have military-style, two-stage triggers, with a light initial pull, then more resistance as it nears breaking. I think it's easier

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