UpDown Compensation The Quick

I cannot take credit for inventing this brilliant means of up/down compensation since I picked it up from the FBI. But their formula wasn't mature, and it took some work to refine it, so it no longer can be called the FBI Technique, either. I've dubbed it "quick fix" because you can calculate it all in your head and adjust your scope—especially a BDC—about as quick as it took you to read this sentence. It's not micrometer-precise, but it's so fast that it's really deadly. Captain McBride would be very proud of us.

Here's how it works: you see a target that's 45 degrees up or down at 500 yards. Set your scope at 0.7 of that distance and shoot. That's all. Set it at 0.7 the distance of any range and you'll hit a target that's 45 degrees up or down.

It means cranking your BDC to 350 yards

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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