Urban Spotting and Target Detection

Urban spotting is especially complicated because you're virtually surrounded by target indicators: straight lines abound, as do man-made cover and concealment, and so forth. If you try to surveil all target indicators intensely, you'll go buggy.

To distinguish a hostile in this confusing maze, watch for even slight movement* which requires using naked eyes and binoculars extensively until movement's detected. Only then do you switch to your spotting or rifle scope.

Urban locations worthy of special surveillance include roof edges, where any movement skylines the individual; open windows or doors, indicating a possible shooter inside; the edges of walls, hedges, and buildings, where a bad guy may peek or shoot; and any high ground that commands the area.

The spotting section explained a system for directing your partner to a particular window, but buildings, too, need a quick reference system for brief communications. The best way I've found is using slang terms that best distinguish each building from surrounding ones, such as the glass house (all glass), the mansion (Greek column facade), the gray whale Gong» dark building), and the blockhouse (concrete block and few windows).

Aside from spotting for your own shooting, your optical surveillance capabilities will prove valuable to your commander and operations planners, too. During offensive urban operations, they'll particularly benefit from your detection of:

• Crew-served weapons positions Tactical command and control posts Obstacles and likely mine locations Fighting positions and trenches Fields of fire covered by enemy weapons Weapon and visual dead space Routes and locations with cover/concealment

When your unit is in the defense, your optics enable you to report the approach of enemy, his concentrations, direction of movement, special weapons, etc.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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