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Urban winds are confusing, contradictory, and especially difficult to see in a downtown area. As our illustration shows, among a city's major buildings the wind will vary direction and speed,

Integrating sniper fire between two teams at different heights.

Sniping in an Urban Environment

Sniping in an Urban Environment


Ground Range

T-80 Tank

BMP/BMD 73mm

122mm SP Howitzer

100 Meters

8 Stories

10 Stories

30 Stories

300 Meters

10 Stories

60 Stories

90 Stories

500 Meters

15 Stories

97 Stories

150 Stories

The downside of a ,50-caliber rifle, however, is its considerable weight and bulk, which precludes most fast movement or stalking. Thus, it makes more sense to employ a .50 in a support role, a bit back and preferably on higher elevation than the fighting being supported. In most instances, in this support role the .50 won't engage to its maximum range because intervening buildings will block its fire by creating dead space.

In this support role, the sniper most likely won't displace after firing only one or two shots, though he should always be ready to reposition if enemy counterfire makes his position untenable or the advance of friendly troops requires his advance, too. Ideally, .50-caliber-equipped sniper teams are deployed in pairs for mutual support, which not only helps confuse the enemy by offering muzzle blasts from more than one location but also allows covering fire when one gun must reposition.

Inside their final firing or overwatch position, the sniper team is especially careful to tape down or remove items that could be visibly affected by the big gun's muzzle blast, such as curtains and window shutters. And in such a contained area, the sniper and spotter must wear double hearing protection—earplugs under earmuffs—or hearing damage is a certainty.

In Lraq, and especially during the Fallujah offensive, ,50-caliber rifles played an important support role, offering such a tremendous ballistic effect that it discouraged the enemy and raised the morale of supported troops.

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