Viewing Through A Zoom Scope

Unlike its fixed-power cousins, a zoom scope can have its magnification changed to fit the specific demands of your situation and needs. This feature requires some emphasis because most snipers set a zoom scope on its highest magnification and never exploit this capability.

When spotting through a rifle scope, give your eyes frequent rests to prevent strain.

Close-Quarters Self-Defense Shooting

3-5x Reduce magnification to low power when marching or stalking through woods and jungle, where contacts of less than 100 yards are likely. You should practice rapid-fire drills against targets at 25-50 yards, with your scope set on low power.

Observing/Searching for Targets

6-7x Unless the area you're scanning is very far away—say 700+ yards— you should use only about 6x, so you have a wide field of view. Your spotter complements this by using a 20x spotting scope or 10x binoculars. Once you have found something worth a closer look, you just zoom up to higher power.

Engaging Distant Targets

9-12x When you or your spotter confirms a target, zoom up to highest power. You should always prefer to shoot with this maximum magnification since this was the setting you originally used when zeroing and should provide the most exacting accuracy.

Used BrowningUsed Browning
Wind compensation and moving target leads use the horizontal mil scale.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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