Winchester The Sniping Workhorse

.308 SNIPING PROJECTILES; (left column, top to bottom) Hornady TAP 165-gr3in barrier; Federal 165-grain Tactical; Longbow frangible; (middle column) Hornady TAP 155-grain A-Max; Hornady TAP 168-grain A-Max; Sierra 168-grain BTHP; Black Hills moly on 175-grain Sierra BTHP; (right column) M80 147-grain ball; M993 military armor piercing; military tracer; M118 Special Ball 173-grain (obsolete). At left is a Snapcap for dry-firing.

suspects were solidly hit with .223 bullets but went on to kill hostages or police before being incapacitated. If you compare the data we've provided, you'll notice that the .308 packs considerably more energy, holds up much better in a crosswind, and retains superior velocity at long distance. Due to its faster initial velocity, the .223 has a bit better trajectory than the .308, the only area in which it can even compare to the 7.62mm round.

Through its extensive use, we know a great deal about the .308, and there's an adequate variety of match-grade or premium bullets for almost any application. Our ballistic data addresses both the civilian Federal .308 168-grain BTHP Match and the military Ml 18 Long Range round, since there are minor but significant variances between these two bullets, despite the fact that both leave the muzzle at

2,600 fps. The slighdy better performance of the military match reflects a 7-grain heavier bullet.

Indeed, as I hope to impress upon you, the essence of precision long-range shooting is recognizing and taking into account even minor differences whenever encountered.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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