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The Sniper Area Ambush

An outstanding sniper tactic for both conventional and counterguerrilla operations is the coordinated ambush of trails and roads across a large area by multiple sniper teams, a concept I've named ' wolfpack ing. A wolfpack consists of at least three or as many as nine sniper teams—a battalion s entire sniper platoon.

Ideally, these teams have almost interlocking kill zones so the enemy will stumble into another sniper team s fire when it flees one team s ambush or tries to maneuver against it.

Why this wire is cut! A well-placed ambush, such as that of a wire

Reaction forces rush into the repair team, makes a good introductory engagement for a new sniper.

area, only to become the target of ambush themselves, but con fusmgly from a direction that isn t where the earlier fire originated. Meanwhile, the original sniper ambush team is displacing to another hide or escaping scot-free.

A well-planned wolfpack area ambush leaves the enemy not just bloodied but confused as to what exactly happened and fearful that it could happen again. The key to a Wolfpack mission s success is stalking into hides without detecuon.


Tank Ambush Techniques

During the mid-1980s, our military sniping school was honored by the visit of several

Swedish army officers inter-

WOLFPACKING. This sniper area ambush has overlapping ested in gathering information fields of fire, inflicting both casualties and confusion.

about sniping. They politely observed our demonstration and asked suitable questions

These U.S. Army snipers are defending 3 major road against sudden attacks by RPG rocket teams.

and begin rotating duties with another sniper team to take turns shooting and improving your hides,

At least until die situation clarifies itself, your teams use the clock system to split the front among them. Assuming three teams are with a company, one covers 8-11 o'clock, the second 11-2 o'clock, and the third 2-5 o'clock.

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