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Close your right eye and look at the ;,X" with your ieft, moving this image back and forth. At about 18 inches, the sniper at left will disappear.

binoculars, with their wider field of view and overlapping vision, more effective than a spotting scope.

If the moon is to your front or side or there's any urban light reflected in the sky, try to silhouette your foe by positioning yourself on slighdy lower ground. We've illustrated this to show that even dropping prone on relatively flat ground can silhouette an opponent who's otherwise invisible.

The ability to detect night targets using your other night sense—hearing—is done by cupping your hands behind your ears, an old Indian technique. This transforms your head into a sort of parabolic antenna. Rotate your head slowly and you'll be able to detect distant sounds with clarity and accuracy. You should practice estimating sound distances in the dark.

And when it comes to making night distance estimates, beware when estimating the range to a light source. Typically, you'll think it's farther away than it actually is.

Your night target priorities are the same as in daylight—snipers, then leaders, then crew-served weapons crewmen—except in the presence of enemy night vision systems. Then your number-one night target becomes any soldier with a weapon NOD or wearing NOD goggles. If you think about it, this is similar to day priorities since these likely will be snipers and leaders. You'd also shoot out IR vehicle lights to blind drivers.

The difficulty, however, is identifying priority targets at long range in darkness. Uniform features and badges of rank cannot be seen; weapons and equipment may be only vague shadows. So the best recognition feature likely is a target's activity combined with his position in a formation.

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