Yards yards yards yards

Federal Match .223 69-gr. BTHP 750 475 375 170

Federal Match .308 168-gr. BTHP 1600 1150 970 510

Fed. Prem. .300 Mag. 200-gr. BTSP 2520 1970 1890 995

indicted dramatically more damage into the target and penetrated much deeper than did the AK or any of the .223 rounds, with much of this damage due to fragmentation and tumbling.

Sanow was surprised by how poorly the .223s penetrated ballistic gelatin, with all rounds barely meeting the FBI minimum standard of 12 inches. After about 75 yards, Sanow found that the 55-grain military FMJ .223 bent slightly on impact into a crescent-shaped "banana" and ceased fragmenting. Surprisingly, it was the Federal Match HP that consistentiy penetrated deepest rather than the FMJ rounds, and it also generated the most fragments.

The largest .223 wound channel resulted from the newer M855 FMJ bullet, which usually tumbled in the gelatin. "The 62-grain M855 snaps off clean at the base of the penetrator core," Sanow said. "This is true out to about 150 yards."

The traditional 7.62x39mm AK round performed somewhat better than the .223s, undoubtedly because its bullet weighs more than twice as much. This underlines the ballistic significance of a heavier bullet, which maintains more momentum during penetration and usually goes deeper.

And this brings us back to the .308 Match round, which weighs about triple the weight of the .223s and about 25 percent more than the AK bullet. Packing about twice the kinetic energy of these other bullets, the heavier .308 Match understandably can better smash through bone and intervening media such as glass or car doors and still deliver lethal energy into the target.

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