Frequency 30oo to 89.975 MHz. Channel spacing 25 KHz. Preset channels 8 programmable-lumber of channels 2400. Hodes of operation:

1. Narrow band voice.

3, Retransmit.

4. Simplex or half-duplex.

Battery BA-5590 or nicks1 cadmium, rechargeableĀ«

Battery life 20 hours at 1 watt, 12 hours at 10 watts. .Veight 12.75 lbs.(includes battery,anttenna>handset).

1. QPEPATIQF QF THE RADIO SET-a. T.urn all controls up*

This easy to remember rule gives the simplest starting post ion when picking up the radio.

This initiates self-test. The L.E.D* display shoes the status of the radio set; (1) NORMAL - Battery voltage displays, then goes blank.

<2) FAULT - Battery voltage displays, then "Ah and number of faulted module.

NOTE: Use self-test as often as needed during radio operation to check battery voltage and overall radio function. Self-test can be used in any mode except PEGRft and RXT.

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