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The sniper is given a specified area with boundaries in which to conceal himself properly. The observers turn their backs to the area and allow the students 5 minutes to conceal themselves. Athte end of 5 ninutes, the obersvers turn and commence observation in their search for concealed snipers. This observation should last approximately one-half hour.

At the conclusion of the observation, the observer will instruct, by radio, one of the two walkers in the field to move to within the 10 meters of one of the snipers. The sniper is given one blank. If the sniper cannot be seen by the observer after moving to within 10 meters, the walker will tell him to load and fire his blank.

The observer is looking for muzzle blast, vegitation flying after the shot, and movement by the sniper before and after he fires.

If the student cannot be seen, the walker then extends his arm in the sniper's direction, indicating his post!on. If the sniper still remains unseen after indiction, the walker goes to the sniper's postion and places his hand, palm facing the observer, directly on tap of the sniper's head.

If the sniper passes all the above, he must then state his elevation, windage, and what type of movement the observer is making.

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