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1. Purpose of the range estimation exercises is to make the sniper proficient in accurately judging distance.

a. The student is taicen to an observation post, and different objects over distances of up to 1000 meters are indicated to him. After time for consideration, the student writes down the estimated distance to each object. He may use only his binoculars and rifle telescope as aids, and he must estimate to within 10% of the correct range ia 6-foot nan-size target should be utilized).

b. Each exercise (11 ea. > must take place in a different area, offering a variety oi terrain. The exercise areas should include dead ground as well as places where the student will be observing uphill or downhill. Extra objects should be selected in case those originally chosen cannot be seen due to weather or for other reasons, b. The students are brought to the obervaticn post, issued a record card, and given 3 review on the methods of judging distances and the causes of miscalculation. They ┬┐re then briefed on the following:

<1? Aiiii of the exercise,

(2> Reierenee points.

'3) Time limit. (3 minutes per object;

c. Students are spread out and the first object is indicated. The student will have 3 minutes to estimate the distance and write it down. The sequence is repeated for a total of eight objects. The cards are collected, and the correct range to each object is given. The instructor points out in each case why the distance might be underestimated or overestimated. After correction, the cards are given back to the students after the instructor has recorded the scores of the students. la this way , the students retains a records of his performance.

a. The student is deemed to have failed if he estimates three or more targets incorrectly, b. During the duration of the 6 weeks of training 11 excercises will be conducted, the student must pass with 60% accuracy 8 of the 11 range estimation excercises in order to successfully pass the range estimation test.

Enclosure 7 Stalking Test

1. The purpose of the stalking exercise is to give the sniper confidence in his ability to approach and occupy a firing postion without being observed.

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