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involving (1-4) sniper groupings when the need to offset the

- Guide main force to the objective.

2. Independent Sniper Operations. (HAHO)

General. When conducting HAHO operat the most important factor to consider.

The use of HAHO point due to:

- Risk of compromising the D.Z.

- Threats to aircraft (AAA sights).

- Insertion aircraft cannot deviate from normal flight path.

A) Grouping. Due to the small numbers involving snipers (1-4) grouping of all personnel is of great importance. In the employment of snipers the loss of one member will most likely result in the cancellation of the assigned mission.

B) Flight Formation. The staggard stack formation is best employed (2S up/2S back) This offers the most control.

4 Man

2 Man

C) Base Leg. The base leg of the flight formation into the DZ should consider the following:

- Altitude. (1500 foot max) The higher the altitude the higher the risk of ccnprcmising the D.Z.

- Boxing. Right hand turns into the D.Z. Should be maintained at all times.

Base 1 Ea.

Wind Dir.

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