(1) After entring new frequency, all numbers will blink on and off. Press EFT key an KEYBOARD to set new frequency in radio- The display will stop blinking and display the enterd frequency.

(1) The DECIXAL POIIT BLIÏKIÏG indicates low power. This will affect radio operation - replace batteries immediatealy if decimal point is bl inking-

(1) DISPLAY - light will go out within 33 seconds after last function. To relight the display without changing the frequency or operating mode, press the EHT key. The display will also re-light when any key is pressed.

5. .SPECIAL BDPR GffftflACfTTiKfi-

U) P (PKESET) - Pressing 0/PST on keyboard will show on display if the radio set has been operating with a manual frequency.

a- If the radio set has been operating on a preset channelf the display will show' P- and the last preset channel number after preset operation.

EXAMPLE: The display shows - P - 5 t The radio was operating an preset channel 5.

(2) LP (LOAD PEESET) After entering new frequency and while display is blinking, press 0/PST key.

a. The display will show LP- indicating that the load prest mode has been entered into the radio.

b* Press any key 1 through Ö, example: 5/ACT Display will show Press EIT

keyp the display will now show the new frequency entered into the radio memory at preset channel c. The preset channel for the displayed frequency entered into the radio memory can now be recalled by pressing the 0/PST key. The display will show F-5 , Sadio will now receive and transmit on preset channel 5.

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