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1. Gain Attention. You and your partner have been in position for several days without any luck at all, and are just packing it in when your partner catches sight of someone moving down a dry river bed, approximately 675 to 700 yards down range. You both decide that he is moving at about a 45 degree angle to you, an at average pace. You obtain what you think is the proper hold and lead for that range and squeeze the shot off. Your partner doesn't say anything, but looks at you and winks.

2. First round kill is the name of the game. Being snipers, you could very well be placed in this situation and when you are, will be expected to^ put that round right where it belongs on a moving target out to 800 yards.

3. Purpose.

a. Purpose. The purpose of this period of instruction is to provide the student with the knowledge of the proper leads to be used to hit a moving target (walking and running) at ranges from 100 to 800 yards.

b. Main Ideas. The main ideas to be discussed are the following:

(1) Methods of Leading a Moving Target

(2) Angle of Target Movement

(3) Normal Leads

(4) Double Leads

4. Training Objectives. Upon completion of this period of instruction, the student will, without the aid of references, understand and be able to demonstrate the proper lead necessary to hit a moving target at ranges from 100 to 800 yards.

TRANSITION. The best example of a lead can be demonstrated by a quarterback throwing a pass to his receiver. He has to throw the ball at some point down field to where the receiver has not yet reached. The same principle applies in shooting at a moving target with the sniper rifle.

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