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1. Gain Attention, imagine Special Warfare suddenly committed to a peace keeping force such as in Beirut, Lebanon. Or, imagine being committed to preserve the peace and protect innocent lives and property in an urban environment such as Detroit or Watts during a "Big City" riot. What is the role of the sniper? Is the sniper a valid weapon for employment in situations like this?

2. The answer is most emphatically, yes'! We have only to look around us to see examples of how effective the sniper can be in this type of situation. Probably the best examples available to us are two recent

.British involvements: Aden and Northern Ireland. In both cases the sniper has played a significant role in the successful British peace keeping efforts. Remember, that one of the key principles of crowd control/peace keeping is the use of only minimum force. The sniper with his selective target identification and engagement with that one well aimed shot is one of the best examples of the use of minimum force.

3. Purpose a. Purpose. To provide the student with the general knowledge needed to employ a sniper section in internal security type environments.

b. Main Ideas. To explain the sniper's role in:

(1) Urban guerrilla operations. {2) Hostage situations.

4. Training Objectives. Upon completion of this period of instruction, the student will be able to:

a. Einploy a Seal sniper section in either sniper cordon, periphery, O.P. or ambush operations.

b. Construct and occupy an urban 0. P.

c. Obtain and use special equipment needed for internal security operations.

d. Einploy a Seal sniper section in a hostage situation.

e. Select a hostage situation firing position taking into consideration the accuracy requirements and effects of glass on the bullet.

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