1 Mil = 3.375 Minutes

4. Trajectory is the path a bullet follows when fired frcm a weapon.

5. The factors which influence trajectory are:

a. The initial (muzzle) velocity.

b. The angle of departure.

c. Air resistance.

d. The rotation of the projectile about its axis.

e. Gravity.

6. Angle of departure is the elevation In minutes or degrees that must be imparted to the barrel through sight corrections, in order that the bullet will strike a target at a specific distance.

7. Angle of departure, and therefore point of impact, is not constant and is affected by four (4) variables:

a. Variations in initial velocity due to imperfections of ammunition.

in aiming.

c. Imperfections in the rifle.

d. Errors in holding and canting the rifle.

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