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1. Shooters will be devided into two groups a. Shooters < Element one )

2- Senior man will ensure all his people are mustered with the required equipment

a - Weapon Tripod m. Rain gear b. 3 magazines c, Ammuniton - 100 rds d< Field uniform e. Boots f- Pence1 or pen g. Ear protection h. Rifle sling i. Water j■ Logbook k. Spotting scope

b. 1 bottai of white out for marking sights c. 5 300 R for cDirnaunictions d, 2 plastic trash bags

<1) Range safty officer will check the range out

(2) Team leader / LPO will muster his element on the 200 yard line prior to shooting, so any last mimute word can be pasted by the range safety officer.

a. Once the word has been pasted the elements will proceed to their asigned postions . ( Pits or Firing line )

(1) The range safety officer will be incharge of all safety and range operations.

(2) The senior man of element one will be incharge of mustering his people at their asigned postion. ( Firing line ) his responibilities will be:

a. Ensure that there is enought ammunition to complete the days evolution for both elements, staged on the 200 yard line.

b. That all 300 R hand raidos ( 5 each ) are stage on the firing line prior to the days evolution.

c. That both safety range flags are up on the flanks of the 500 yard line.( range safety flags are stored at the U.S.MX. Range shack on the 500 yard line )prior to the start of the days evolution.

d. Seriar man will also designate one man for range guard prior to mustering on the 200 yard line prior to the days evolution.

e. Ensure that there are two large plastic bags staged at the 200 yard line prior to the days evolution for trash and brass colection«

f. That all brasscaseing are policed up at the end of the days shooting evolution.

(1) The senior man of the second element will be incharge of running and supervising the pit detail. His responiblities will be:

a. Assign a designated range guard prior to the days evolution.

b. Ensure that the range keys are cheched out to unlock the target shed. < Keys are located at the U.S.JL C. range shack. )

c. Ensure that two fresh cans of spray glue are taking down to the pits prior to the start of shooting evolution.

d< Ensure that a 300 R hand radio is taken down to the pits prior to the start of the shooting evolution for corns, back to the firing line.

e. Ensure that both range guards are issued range safety flags prior to the range guards departing to their assigned postions. < Range safety flags are stored in the target shed in the pits ).

f. Ensure that all targets used on the days shooting evolution are in a good state of repair, prior to puting the targets in their frames.

g. Prior to the days shooting evolution, fresh target faces will be pasted on the target frames. ( Repair target faces are located in the back room of the target shed)

fcu Prior to the days shooting evolution 200 yard targets will be pasted on the target frames , and after each pit change.

i. That each man is issued a range box to mark targets with ( range boxes are located in the back room of the target shed ) the Team leader will ensure that the following equipment is in the range boxes:

1. Black and white target pasties to mark bullet holes -

2. 3 inch spoter spindals -

3. 1 inch spoter spindals -Target tie ins -

j. Pit G. I.C. will be incharge of and running them back Into the pits.

keeping time, for running targets Into the air.

k. Responible for conducting a good police call at the end of the days shooting evolution, and that all targets, range boxes and range guard flags are secured prior to lacking the target shed.

(1? Vormally there are two range guards on each flanks,

<2) Responibilities:

a. Keep beach security of the impact area to enclude:

1. Keep all personnel out of the impact area.

2. Ensure that there is no boat triffic in the impact area, out to a range of 2 miles and 45 degrees to the flanks.

3. Ensure that there is no low flying aircraft in the inpact area. NOTE:

If any of these seduations occur, radio comms back to the firing line must be made for a immediate check fire, until the inpact area is clear of all hazards.

4. Equipment needed.

1. 300 R hand raido.

,2. Range safety flag, UOTE:

Range guards willnot leave their postions unless releaved by the range safety officer.

BUTE: the following voice commands will be given by the range safety officer only, shooters will not load and lock any weapons unless directed by the range safety officer.

(1) Loading and locking of weapons.

a. Shooter stand, with a magazine and 5 rounds, load and lock, all ready on the left, all ready on the right,all ready on the firing line, shooters when your targets appear you may commence firing.

<2) On the command from the firing line range safety officer, to the pits 0. I.C. , all targets will be rasied into the air for what ever time that is requested.

c. Rapited fire - 60 sec, for 10 rounds.

(3) The pit CL I* C« will keep the time , for running all targets in the air and lowing them back into the pits aftr the designated time has lapesed.

7. Running

7. Running

a. 2 rounds for 2 mimutes.

b> 2 sighter rounds will be given prior to the start of the naval qual course c. They can be taken in any shooting postion.

d. Targets will be rasied, lowerd, and marked for each round fired. ■ e< Sighter rounds donot count for score.

(2) Slow a. Slow fire will be for 10 rounds for 10 minutes.

b. Slow fire will be conducted from the following postions:

1. Standing,

3. Setting.

c. Targets will be pull, marked, recorded for score, and rasied to show the shooter the inpact of his round, after which the targets will remain in the air untill that target receives a hit from another round,this procedure will be done for the entirer 10 rounds-

a. Rapit fire will be for io rounds for 60 seconds.

b. Rapit fir will be conducted from the following postions.

1. Setting.

c. Rapid fire will be for 10 rds. for 60 sec,, with a magazine change.

d. The shooter will have two magazine with five rounds each, e. On rapit fire the pits will run the targets upp on the command from the range safety officer on the firing line. The pit 0.I.C. will rasied all the targets in the air at once, for 60 seconds, the pit 0,I.C. will keep the time to keep the targets in the air. After 60 seconds has lasped, the pit O.I.C. will give the command to lower all targets back into the pits, after which all targets will be marked, recorded for score, and rasied back into the air, to show the shooter the inpact of his rounds.

1. All weapons not on the firing line will be on safe, and unloaded.

2. Any accidental discharges of a weapon will be grounds for evaluating your assignment at this command.

3. No one will be allowed to go downrange without the permission of the range safety officer.



2. The Student will be required to engage stationary targets at ranges from 300 to 1000 yards, moving targets 300 tO 600 yards and pop up targets from 300 to 800 yards and must get at lease 80% of the total rounda fired.

3. Äeeed equipment, a. Co nuiiuni cat ions equipment .

b. Score cards for the pits and the line < Only the pit score is valid. ) Verifiers should be present.

c. Range safty officer.

d. Carnsman.

e. Eioergency vehicle.

f. 1000 yard known distance range.


a. Each team will be assigned a block of eight targets, each block of which will be designated with the left and right limits marked with a 6-foot target mounted in two respective carriages. Thus, the right limit for one block will also serve as the left limit of the next block. The following targets will serve as left and right limits respectively; 1, 6, 15, 22, 29, 36, and 43. The stationary target will be mounted in the left limit target carriage of each block.

b. The first stage of fire at each yard line(300,500,600,700,800,900 and 1000) will be stationary targets from the supported pran postion. Command will be given from the center of the line to load one round. The sniper and partner will have three mimutes to judge wind, light conditions, proper elevation hold, and fire three rounds with the target being pulled and marked after each shot. After the three minute time limit has expired, all sattionary targets will be pulled down, cleared, and will reinain in the pits. There will not be a change over between sniper and observer untill the sniper has engaged his moving, and popup targets, which should begin immediately after pulling the stationary targets in the pits.


a. Each student will remain at their respective firing point after engaging stationary targets, so they can engage their moving and popup targets,within the assigned block of eight targets. One of the butt pullers will postion himself at the left limit with the moving target, ready to move when the stationary stage is completed.

b. The second stage of fire at each yard line <300, 500, 600, ) will be moving targets. The command will be given from the center of the line to load two rounds« Once the entire line is ready, a moving target will appear on the left limit of each block of targets, moving left to right. The sniper and partner will have approximately 15 to 20 seconds (the amount of time it takes the student to walk from the left limit to the right limit) inwhich to fire one round. The next target will move from the right limit to the left and again the sniper and his partner will have 15 to 20 seconds to shoot one round. The target will be run up after each hit. It will also be up to the partner to advase the sniper on where his rounds are impacting (high, low, left, right)«


a. The next stage of fire will be popup at each yard line (300,500,600,700,300). Each student will remain at their respective firing point after engaging moving targets, so they can so they can engage their popup targets, within the assigned block of eight targets.

b. The command will be given from the center line to load two rounds, once the entire line is ready, a popup target will appear for agiven amount of time depending on what yard line the shooter is on will determine the amount of time the popup target will appear and the size the target will ber

<1) Time formala - yardline x 1 = seconds of exsposure,(Exsample 300 yardline

3x1= 3seconds>.

(2) Target size formala - yardline x 2 minutes of angle < Exsample 400 yardline

4x2=5 inches in target diameter).

the shooter will engage two popup target on each yard line while his partner calls wind and recored all information in his data book.

c. Popup targets willnot be engaged past 800 yards. Therefore, five rounds will be fired and scored on stationary targets at 900 and 1000 yards.

4= TEST SCORING, a. Scouring will be done on the firing line as wellas in the pits. Eachstudent will fire 38 rounds plus two sighter on the 300 yard line to check weapon's zero. Each round will be value at one point with a total value of 38 paints. Passing scare will be 80% of a "POSIBLE" SCORE, WHICH IS 28 HITS. Amiss will be scored as a zero. Final score will be determine by the pit score* and verifiers.

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