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every hour on the hour at each check point after breaking enemy contact/upon sighting enemy

Required reports are a conrrianders control measure and are usually given in the comnanders operation order.

(c) Will Dry-Ad/Pele (shackle sheets) be used - ADSIR Authenticate - Down; Shackle - Right

(d) Brevity Codes/Code Words - used on the radio Examples (not limited only to these):

On the Move - Sleeping At the ORP - Fishing At the FFP - Cold Steel

At (a) check Point - A different type of beer can be used for or with the check point number or letter Alternate Route - Red River

(e) Challenge and Passwords - for the duration of the patrol. They usually change every 12 hours (CEOI).

(1) Front line units (Dep/Reen)

(2) Between other patrols operating in your AD (inter)

(4) With-in your own patrol (intra)

(5) Running Password - If you are hit and have to run for the friendly lines and don't have time for, or cannot get proper communications/procedure, or for use in E&E

(6) The challange and passwords should be used in a sentence (except the running password).

E) Ccmnand

1) Chain of Caimand - not necessary, only 2 of you.

2) Location of PL/APL during halts, etc. - not necessary for the sniper team.

3) Location of the dispatching commander (grid) . This will be the SUC, SEO, etc. (COC/CP). Include his frequency and call signs.

ment of (a) / the mission) . For example, the sniper team may be assigned an additional duty to the mission, of conducting a route recon (to the objective) either on their way to or from the objective. Or of conducting an "LZ" recon.

13. Annexes: (ranger Hand Book) These are explanations that may be necessary to make the plan more complete. They can be used to promote clarity and understanding areas not covered elsewhere in the order. They follow the normal five paragraph order format and usually are accompanied by a diagram or illustration. They can be used for such things as:

Aerial movements Truck movements Aerial resupply Stream crossings

Patrol bases (how SnTm will support Link Ups

Small boat movements (IBS) Escape and Evasion

IV. Administration and Logistics


B) Part can be copied frori the warning order (or "refer to warning order")

C) To include, but not limited to the following:

a) Rations and Water

(1) How much will be taken

(2) When and where it will be drawn

(3) Who will draw it

(4) When and how you will eat b) Arms and Ammo

(1) Who will take what

(2) When and where it will be drawn

(3) Who will draw it

(4) When and where will test firing be conducted c) Uniform and Equipment (Common to All)

(1) What will be taken

(2) How it will be worn d) Special Equipment

(1) Who will take what

(2) How it will be carried

(3) When and where it will be drawn

(4) Who will draw it

(5) When and where will op-checking be conducted e) Method of Handling Wounded/Dead (friendly)

(1) First-aid procedures

(2) Med-Evac procedures/poss ibi1ities

(3) Can walking wounded continue with the mission?

(4) If wounded is not in danger of death:

(a) carry him back

(b) leave behind to go get a friendly security/recovery patrol

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