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The purpose of proficiency training is to enable the qualified SEAL scout sniper to jaaintain the degree of skill and proficiency to which he was trained. Proficiency training should be conducted an a quarterly in all sniper skills, although special emphasis should be made on marksmanship and stalking. These should be practiced as frequenly as passible. Every effort should be made to maintain sniper proficiency.

Snipers should be requalified each year in all SEAL scout sniper skills. They should also be "quizzed" and/or tested every quarter. Proficiency training should be conducted to the same degree of standards as it was originally taught so not to lose any effectiveness in combat. If a sniper is not retained quarterly in all basic sniper skills, his quality of perfordnance Hill decrease; therefore, he will not meet the standards of the SEAL scout sniper.

NOTE: SEAL scout snipers must be included, in the sniper roll, in norjaal SEAL tactical training and in tactical exercises.

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